About Me

Nice to meet you, I’m Jacqueline!            

I grew up with a love for art. Equipped with a pencil in hand, I scribbled flowers and smileys from underneath the tables to the surface of the walls1. While these markings have faded over time, my passion for creativity never did. Along with scribbling on things2 I’m told not to, I love creating visual narratives through digital art, video editing, publication design, and experimenting with various mediums.

I graduated in May of 2023 with a BFA in Graphic Design in Boston University's College of Fine Arts. I hope to continue exploring the ways I can use art and design to understand people, to story-tell, and to craft a unique experience.

1 My parents were not happy about that.
2 Which include stray napkins, my dinner, and more...

My Experiences

 Designer — Design AXL

 Draw Down Award for  Publication design

2023   Brand Designer — BU

 Research Assistant —  Boston University

2022  Graphic Design Intern —  TechStyleOS (JustFab)

2022 Graphic Design Intern —  New-York Historical  Society

A little more about me...

Started collecting blind boxes

I’m obsessed with Catan (& even made a Discord server for it)

I have a dog and 3 cats

I love filming and editing videos about food, art, and fashion!

I can make the Mario jumping noise with my nose