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Spring 2023 – 4 monthsRole: Graphic Design, Illustration, Publication Design, Writing, Photography

Collect, Discard, Shuffle is a 372 page publication organized by 4 parts: Arrange, Collect, Discard, and Shuffle. Each action, inspired by mahjong moves, include aspects of my thesis project, journey as a designer, and personal experiences that relate to that verb. The book documents my thesis projects, anecdotes, processes, experiments, and interviews.

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Recognitions: Draw Down Award for Publication Design (2023)

The objective of mahjong [麻將] is to end up with a winning set of tiles through the act of collecting, discarding, and shuffling. In the game, tiles are constantly changing and players are eventually forced to discard them. Mahjong acted as a momentary liaison between my family and I, and the act of exchanging tiles transcended cultural barriers. Through a fleeting moment of play (and a handful of losses), I strengthened connections, created memories, and shared joy.

Why don’t we want to discard the moments we collect?
Why do we choose to play or do things that only last for a moment?
How does capturing moments differ from experiencing moments?
What can you gain from a temporary experience?

Being present and focused while playing mahjong is crucial for success in the game. In the same way, being present in our daily lives is important for forming and maintaining connections. When we are not consciously present, we miss out on opportunities to connect and create meaningful experiences. Collect, Discard, Shuffle explores what it means to be in the moment and how we can appreciate impermanent experiences.

Through a set of videos and tiles from various materials inspired by the framework and play of mahjong, I hope to craft meaningful interactions that encourage people to appreciate transience and reflect on how impermanence brings us back to the present.

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