Print Design
Web Design
Spring 2023 – 6 monthsRole: Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Poster Design, Publication Design, Video Editing, Marketing Strategy, Exhibition Design, Web Design

Team:  Hannah Hong, Mina  Chung

Window vinyl.

Our CFA community has built a culture of supporting one another and seeking challenges, which has shaped our work as graphic designers, printmakers, painters, and sculptors. 

All undergraduate visual arts students start off with a strong foundational curriculum that prepares us to create through our respective mediums with a deep understanding of the principals that make art, art. Edifice plays on the idea of the home and community that we have at the College of Fine Arts, and the foundation that has been laid for our education, careers, passions, and futures of each individual student. 

Through the abstract imagery of cut outs of a paper home, we recall an appreciation for craft and unique dimensionality of each student’s journey at CFA. As much as we have grown as artists, we have also witnessed our educational institutions physically grow with us, with the renovation of the College of Fine Arts, the transition from testing facility to gallery in 808, and establishment of the Center for Computing and Data Sciences building. As the buildings transformed, we also transformed culturally, communally, and intellectually. 

We are inspired to ask bigger questions and motivate one another to reach goals that once seemed impossible. As our undergraduate education comes to an end, we go off into the world with the foundation that we have set, and remember BU CFA as a place to call home and fellow peers to call as family. We want to present our works not only as individual artists, but as bodies of work that are built off of one another, forming a unique whole. The brand identity of “EDIFICE” will emphasize the unique qualities of each artists’ thesis as a building block to creating one solid home.

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Our poster cut out and folded into a house.
Publication spreads.

Foldable postcard design.
Social media and website.

Brand proposal slide deck.