Brand → Company & Co.

Fall 2022 – 2 weeks Role: Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Print Design

Team: Hannah Hong, Mina Chung, Michelle Kim

We wanted to expand on the topic of unproductive work hours. We further explored the experience and idea of being unproductive and what that meant in the workplace, and eventually pushed this concept through designing a satirical, immersive company onboarding experience. 

Our deliverables included an onboarding presentation (which included professional attire), an ‘office’ tour (which came with a bit of acting), a company introduction video, a website, an interactive spreadsheet (featuring Nyan Cat), a pamphlet, a handbook, signage, business cards, and employee badges (as well as using a corporate jargon generator).

Read more about our process here

Frame from video.
Animated screensaver.
Print materials: pamphlet and handbook.
Frame from video.
Entrance to ‘office’.

Project presentation slide deck.

Guest lecture slide deck.